Finding Solution


Electrolyzer Power Supply

The R&D department at FIDEC has been active since 2013 and as the company`s major projects were chlor-alkali and PVC chain, therefore R&D department focused on finding solutions ahead challenges in C.A. plant.


Two major subjects in DC power supply to electrolizers are:

  • First , for new plant, huge amount of investment for AC/DC conversion , complicated power transformer and harmonic filters.
  • Second, for existing plant, in case of traditional detail design or any inaccurate design, it would faces extra generation of current harmonics and consequently reduction of production and other difficulties.

With these goals, R&D department started research and after years, fortunately significant gain was achieved.


According to power quality research in theoretical & experimental fields, we found solution for both above mentioned subjects which are based on current harmonics reduction in DC power supply to high-power and non-linear loads (e.g. electrolizers).


Finally, R&D department announces it has technical knowledge of power supply to any type of electrolizer, which is exclusive know-how in Iran and region.

We are hoping this new glance in electrical engineering determines a valuable point in DC high-power industry.


Industries which this know-how can be implemented within, are as follows:

Chlor-alkali, HCl, chlor derivatives, copper electrorefining, copper electrowinning, Aluminum refinery, Zinc refining and electroplating.