Faranegar Industrial Design & Engineering Company (FIDEC) is lawfully established and registered in ....









Excellence in Collaboration
We recognize that we are stronger and more effective in collaboration. So we support and open communicative culture in which individuals are encouraged to propose suggestions for improvement. Accordingly, we build and maintain positive, cooperative relationships with our colleagues, partners, donors and other stakeholders. Thus, we celebrate our accomplishments and seek ways to excellence through creativity and exploration.


•  FIDEC is one of the most experienced and talented Engineering Based Company, specialized in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical fields of business in Iran and the Middle East is to outstand among other competitors in Oil and Gas Down Stream fields of business to become No. 1 choice of  End-Users (petrochemicals/ refineries) countrywide and furthermore in the Middle East.

Becoming the No.1 choice of End-Users in Chlorine- Alkali solutions in terms of providing professional services and solutions according to its profound value of available components and value added chain of products.

• Becoming a professional knowledge based solution provider in Environmental issues related to industrial plants (Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals/ Refineries).

• As an Art Design Engineering Company, FIDEC via its experienced and skillful engineers with years of brilliant project management and implementation, FIDEC will take over any innovating project required by clients from the scratch (Case Study, Basic & Detailed Engineering & Designing, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning) as an EP, EPC, EPCC company, ready for any challenges focusing on our partners abilities and scope of work to conquer the market in order to handle abilities and scope of work to conquer the market in order to handle Turkey projects and become one of the top solution provider in the Middle East.


• Chlorine-Alkali

• Getting EXPERT in designing Chlorine-Alkali plants by transferring the knowledge and know-how, through determined planning, teaming up and required trainings according to a predetermined Road Map.

• Chlorine-Alkali products' market survey and analysis in order to provide valuable recommendations to our potential clients with purpose of finalizing the most practical solution.

• Through a vast, detailed and methodological market analysis, we'll wine clients trust in order to choose FIDEC as their one and only solution provider in the market.

• Environmental Projects.

• Having our field of activities determined, with solid knowledge of our capabilities relying on our partners worldwide, we ought to study and analyze the market for further planning accordingly.

• Letting the market discover us and our capabilities via various methods and procedures such as participating at exhibitions, seminars, advertisements and negotiations with End-Users and etc.

• Introducing our methodologies and technologies broadly to provide cost effective and feasible solutions to our clients.