Through a Vast & detailed Market investigation and related studies via its experienced & skilled Engineers and Researchers, FIDEC is able to discover Market needs in terms of Innovation by introducing Brand New Technologies & Know-How Countrywide and further more in the Middle East.

Since its establishment, FIDEC has introduced & registered below-mentioned Technologies & Know-How in Iranian Petrochemical/Refinery Market.






Distributed Control Systems (DCS):

Rather than using Pneumatic systems, in 1990, FIDEC introduced DCS to Petrochemical companies throughout the Country and has already registered the above-mentioned Technology at NIOC.

FIDEC has implemented this Technology at:

  • Bandar Abbas Refinery

  • Tabriz Refinery

  • Arak Refinery

  • Arak Petrochemical

  • Tabriz Petrochemicals

  • Arak Shazand Power Plant