Process Revamping of Chlor-Alkali Unit from Mercury to Membrane Electrolyzers



• Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex

Contract Type

• EP

Scope of contract

All basic engineering, process design and all required services regarding the supply of electrolyzers only, the engineering needed for the cell-room structural modifications design:

• Basic engineering for brine preparation, evaporation, chlorine driers, hydrogen blower, chlorine neutralization units.

• Design, fabrication and supply of all parts, sections, materials, and equipment in relation to the electrolyzers. Including the supply of special tools, jigs and tackles for the electrolyzes.

• Provide assistance to EMPLOYER's staff during the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of the electrolyzes through deployment of CONTRACTOR's qualified personnel at the plant site, on man-hour rate basis.

• Transportation and delivery of the electrolyzers and its related spare parts and special tools to the plant site of BIPC.

• Supply of all necessary documents, designs, drawings, O/M manuals, in relation to the electrolyzes.

• Provide supervisory services during the installation and erection of the electrolyzes and other sections.


• Mahshahr, BIPC Complex, Chlor - Alkali Unit